Waagstrasse 1

Year built: In the 18th century  
Builder: Unknown  
Changes of Ownership: 1748 Sold to Mrs. Moses Jonas vulgo Goecker for 550 florins
  1762 Son Lazarus Moses Goecker inherits it.
  After 1804 The widow of Jon Weisskopf
  13.08.1824 Sold to her son Hirsch Weisskopf, her son and daughter Mina for 200 florins
    After the death of Hirsch Weisskopf his widow Hanna and her sister-in-law inherit it.
    Later the house was sold to Amson Wertheimer
  05.02.1864 Sold to Michael Strickstock, taylor for 925 florins
  02.07.1885 House is left to his widow Johanna Margaretha Strickstock, born Neidmueller
  09.06.1891 Sold to Maria Margaretha Honickel, born Hohenstein for 1,100 Marks
  14.02.1905 Left to her widower Johann Honickel Hohenstein
  1905 Sold to Anna Loechlein for 1,500 Marks
  1907 Sold to Johann and Maria Strobel for 2,500 Marks
  1907 Given to their children
  1952 Bought by the city for 1,500 Marks and torn down
  today The dentist Dr. Hoegner put up a professional Building on the lot with medical practices in the upper floor