The Sandler Family

Bahnhofstrasse 30, today Bahnhofplatz 6
Bahnhofstrasse 30, today Bahnhofplatz 6

The Dentist Dr. Arnold Sandler was born in Schwedt on 27. December 1897. He was the son of the Dentist Neumann Sandler and Janette born Haeutermann. Dr. Sandler moved to Gunzenhausen in 1925 where he first lived at Wiesenstrasse 15 (today Rot-Kreuz-Strasse).

In June 1926 he opened his practice at Bahnhofstrasse 30.

IIn November 1931 he moved into his newly built house in Bahnhofstrasse 36 and practiced dentistry there. But by 29. July 1935 he already decided to leave the city and moved to Stuttgart.

Dr. Karl Rothschild, the Jewish physician, also decided to leave Gunzenhausen early.

The reason for their decision was probably the fact that three Jews had been murdered, and they were suddenly, like all Jews, being subjected to verbal abuse.

Bahnhofstrasse 36 in 1938, today it is Bahnhofplatz 12
Bahnhofstrasse 36 in 1938, today it is Bahnhofplatz 12

In May 1936 Dr. Arnold Sandler sold the house to Martin Daum.

By way of a letter from the Police Headquarters in Frankfurt/Main, dated 28. March 1951, to Mr. Georg Daum we found out, that Dr. Arnold Sandler was married to Recha Sandler, born Wolf.

Department for the search - Frankfurt am Main, 28. March 1951
for missing foreign nationals # 33
B. (Book) Nr. 1179

Re: the married couple Dr. Arnold Sandler and Recha, born Wolf. Merchants Wilhelm and Leo Wolf.
Response to a letter of 16. February 1951.

Honored Mr. Daum!

In response to your letter we respectfully inform you, that registration records regarding the presence an whereabouts of the married couple Sandler and Wilhelm and Leo Wolf can not be verified, because all records up to 1945 have been lost to war action, and no new registrations since then have not taken place.

We actively searched for information and found that the persons named above were not known to have lived in the Mendelssohn-, Leerbach- or Ostendstrasse and no relatives live there. The house Leerbachstrasse 37 was destroyed in the war. Based on records held by the Jewish community the couple Dr. Sandler born 27. November 1897 and wife Recha born Wolf, born 3. December 1901 were deportet to Estonia 24. September 1942. We were not able to find information about the residency or where-abouts of the merchants Wilhelm and Leo Wolf, not from the Jewish community either.

Respectfully p. o.

This letter confirms that the Dentist formerly of Gunzenhausen and his wife were deportet to Estonia 24. September 1942. They are missing and presumed dead.

The letter also addresses the residency and where-abouts of the merchants Wilhelm and Leo Wolf. We assume that both were closely related to the Sandler couple. They were probably related by way of Recha Sandler born Wolf.

It is doubtful that they were able to escape to a foreign country.

The Bahnhofstrasse 36 address was renamed Bahnhofplatz 12 in 1975.

In a letter of 3. October 1951 from the Jewish Restitution Successor Organisation  (IRSO) in Fuehrt /Nuremberg we found that Georg Daum had to pay an additional 4,000 DM for the house to the IRSO.

Jewish Restitution Successor Organization

Nuremberg Regional Office

NUREMBERG, 21.September 1951
Fuerther Strasse 110 Justice Bldg. (Room 547)

Mr. Georg D a u m
Bahnhofstr. 14

Honored Mr. Daum,

Now that the board of directors has approved an adjustment in the amont of 4,000 DM we have asked the Office of Restitution in the County Court of Nuernberg for an appointment to finalize the payment of the balance due. We expect you to pay the amont promptly after the court date an advice you of the change in type face.

RA Kriegel

Unfortunately we have not been able to find any more information about the Sandler family.