Brunnenstrasse 15

Brunnenstrasse 15 in 1935
Brunnenstrasse 15 in 1935
Brunnenstrasse 15 in 2004 with Rachel Theilheimer
Brunnenstrasse 15 in 2004 with Rachel Theilheimer
Builder: Johann Caspar Häberlein
Year built: 1763
Change of Owner: Entire House
  1763 Johann Hübner, Posamentier
  1768 Loeser Löw bought the house for 1,335 fl.
  In 1775 the widow Maria Sabrina Beeg bought the house for 900 fl.
  In 1798 the heirs sold the house to Adam Wettengel and his wife Maria Barbara Carolina Wenig for 2,100 fl.
  1804 bought by Herr Weinhard
  The house was bought on 14.03.1806 be veterinarian Josef Eggmayer for 2,300 fl.
  First half Second half
Change of Owner: The first half of the house was bought on 23.04.1861 by baker Leonhard Messethaler and wife Maria Babetta Seubert for 2,100 fl. This half was bought by weapon maker Georg Speckhard for 1,600 fl. On 19.07.1852
  Sold to Ludwig Ballenberger from Erlangen for 9,200 fl. Sold, by the heirs, to shoe maker Friedrich Willhelm Gebhard and wife Johanna Baumgärtner on 01.11.1889
  06.08.1885 sold to salesman Raphael Theilheimer from Berolzheim for 5,000 M  
  In 1933 Thekla Gutmann, Bella Stoll and Hedwig, and Richard and Feodor Theilheimer lived in this half of the house.  
  1935 sold to Ludwig and Magdalena Wechsler  
  1936 sold to Heinrich and Wilhelmina Gebhart  
  Entire House
Change of Owner: In 1982 the house was a natural health food store
  In 1987 there was a wool business in the house
  1990 bought by Dieter Kranich
  1993 bought by Helmut Höhnle. He did some reconstruction two years later. Today the house is a pizzeria