Waagstrasse 8

House Waagstrasse 8 today
House Waagstrasse 8 today
Year built: Unknown
Built by: Loew Jud
Changes of Ownership: 1715 Loew Jud
  1734 Sigmund Bronnenmeier, wood turner (lathe)
  1743 Isaak Ascher Loew
  around 1799 Ascher Loew, merchant
  10.05.1844 inherited by daughter Kaja Roesslein
  13.05.1844 Moises Rhau, Kantor purchased it for 780 florins
  26.12.1868 bought by his widow Hanna for 2,000 florins
  28.12.1871 Rosa Bergtheil of Dittenheim bought it for 2,150 fl.
  13.03.1881 bought by Julius Schapiro, silverware dealer, for 2,919 Marks
  03.06.1897 went to his children Albert, Mali and Louise after parents’s divorce in 1896
  1897 Sold to Karolina Schapiro for 4,000 Marks
  24.02.1919 David Wild, merchant from Cronheim
  14.07.1926 went to Emmi Wild, his daughter
  24.03.1930 Karl Pfitzer and Babetta Karl (1958 was built a garage into the house)