Waagstrasse 7

House Waagstraße 7,  today
House Waagstraße 7 historical; was demolished in 2011 © City Archives
Built in   Unknown
Built by   Unknown
1/3 part of the house   2/3 part of the house
Johann Leonhard Künster, Cooper
. ( ) Löw Isaak
before 1752
Johann Georg Scherg, manorial groom
  before 1799
the widow Gitele inherits this share
on February 10, 1752
Purchased for 225 fl from Schülein Läser Eisen
on March 7, 1788
handed over to the son of Lazarus Shia Enoch Eisen for 150 fl
acquired around 430 fl from Enoch Shia Eisen
  The whole house  
From July 1, 1813   Enoch Eisen owns the whole house
April 22, 1828   His son Lazarus Schia Eisen takes it over for 300 fl
June 29, 1874   for 800 fl it goes to the son Heymann Eisen
May 19, 1880   Amson Wertheimer, hop dealer, buys it for 1500 marks.
    In 1882 he increased it.
1883   Abraham Nussbaum, butcher, acquires it for 6200 Marks
    1888 A scoop well is built
1910   The widow Regina Nussbaum inherits it together with the daughter Rosalie, married. Bacharach
1919   Moritz Joelsohn, cattle dealer
April 16, 1934   Josef and Christina Endres, née Seibold
1954   Widow Christina inherits the house
( )   Eugenie Brinkmann
1974   Town of Gunzenhausen.

Today there is a shop in the house.

© House register of the city of Gunzenhausen and information from Susanne Eisen