Rathausstrasse 8

House of Rathausstrasse 8 today
House of Rathausstrasse 8 today
Year of Construction: 1743
Built by: Jacob Neumark
Change of Ownership: 1772 transfer to the two sons Samuel and Simon.
  1786 the house passes to Model Simon‘s widow, Beerla, for 500 florins.
  1788 Beerla’s second husband, Joel Koppel, acquires the property.
  1795 one half of the house is sold to the son-in-law Nathan Abraham Stettheim, merchant (hops, bonds and government securities) for 525 florins.
  11.11.1802 he acquires the other half, as well as various parcels of land, for 1175 florins.
  1823 the house passes to his son Model Nathan Stettheim, merchant (hops and pitch).
  1857 his widow Erika, née Rosenau, acquires the property.
  17.02.1868 the nephew Jakob Gerst, linen merchant and banker, takes over the house.
  26.10.1891 on her husband’s death Therese Gerst, born Gutmann, lives in the house.
  22.08.1906 the house passes to the banker Moritz Gerst.
  05.12.1927 his widow Nathalie Gerst, née Grünsfelder, and their son Justin Jakob Gerst, banker, inherit the business.
  17.11.1938 the town of Gunzenhausen acquires the house for 9000 Reichsmark. This purchase is not approved by the state authorities and is repealed. The German Reich becomes the owner.
  13.11.1942 Friedrich Schaffner, tailor, acquires the house.
  1944 passes to his son Friedrich Schaffner, tailor (shop installed in 1958).
  1959 a branch of an Oettinger garment firm.
  1983 run as a ladies’ fashion shop.
  2001 Friedrich Schaffner dies, the new owner is not yet known.