The Max Neuburger family

Max Neuburger was born in Thalmaessing on June 4, 1858. His parents were Josef Veis Neuburger and Maria born Suess of Regensburg. In 1888 the City of Gunzenhausen granted him citizenship, which meant that he had to have been a resident for a number of years already. But in that year he married Fanny Rosenfelder of Gunzenhausen.

Her parents, the merchant Abraham Loew Rosenfelder and wife Maria owned the house at Kirchenstrasse 11. They bequeathed it to their daughter and her husband Max Neu who was a leather merchant. The young couple became parents of a daughter:
Amalie Neuburger, born July 25, 1893 in Gunzenhausen.

She married Simon Bauer of Erlangen in 1922. That same year the parents sold the house to the Lauchheimer family, and moved in with their daughter in Erlangen.
Apparently the Neuburger-Bauer families no longer felt safe in Erlangen, because in 1938/39 they were registered in Munich. Amalie and her husband tried to leave the country in 1939 and had bought tickets for the North German Lloyd Steamship “St. Louis”, which was scheduled for a trip to Cuba. But Cuba denied them (docking) entry and the ship had to return to Europe. Amalia and Simon Bauer landed in Antwerp. From Holland they were deported to a concentration camp, but it is not known which one. From that day on they have been considered missing and presumed dead.