Marktplatz 5

Translation by Lesley Loy

Built by: Johann Bronnenmeier, Drechsler, turner
Year of Construction: 1856
Change of Ownership: 1863 the merchant Joseph Blumenstein bought it for 13.500 fl.
  1892 passed to his widow Doris Blumenstein, née Dormitzer.
  1915 the ladies Doris, Gerda, Berta, Lina and Paula Blumenstein take over a business dealing in textiles.
  1932 only Gerda and Berta Blumenstein are registered as owners.
  1938 the house belongs to Berta Blumenstein alone.
  1942 the sisters Gertrud, Luise and Johanna Reichel buy the house.
  1958 Gertrud, Luise and Johanna Reichel are registered as owners.
  The house later passes to Johanna Müller, née Reichel and her sons Eberhard and Carl Müller.
  1994 acquired by Robert Bromm of Theilenhofen.

The Story of this House

In 1856 Johann Bronnenmeier and his wife Eva, née Meyer, built the house Marktplatz 5 on the site of the demolished Spitaltörlein and adjacent city wall.

Only seven years later they sold it to the Jewish merchant and master weaver Joseph Blumenstein for 13.500 florins.

At that time there was no synagogue in Gunzenhausen, so from 1880 to 1883 the religious services of the Jewish community were held there.

J. Blumenstein died in 1891 and his widow Doris Blumenstein, née Dormitzer, inherited the property in 1892.

The house was transferred to the “Blumenstein Ladies” in 1915.