Marktplatz 16

Photo of the house as it looks today
Photo of the house as it looks today
Year as the house was built: unknown
Built by: unknown
Changes of Ownership: The Whole House
  1674 Martin Fuerst, glazier. His widow, born Amman hands over the property
  1710 for 820 Florins to her sons Hanss Joerg Fuerst, glazier, and Hanss Martin Fuerst, locksmith
  1720 Hanss Joerg Fuerst becomes the sole owner
House is divided into upper and lower halves
Changes of Ownership: Lower half Upper half
  1752 Johann Martin Fuerst 1747 Margaretha Barbara Spaeth, widow of the innkeeper of the “Golden Eagle”
  1754 Johann Valentin Fuerst, locksmith 1769 Johann Joachim Spaeth, beer brewer
  after his death it went to his widow Anna Elisabeth 1770 for 640 Florins to Georg Andreas Beck, hatter
  1793 for 1,725 Florins to his son Johann Valentin Fuerst, Locksmith and iron monger 1795 for 1,022 Florins to Johann Valentin Fuerst
Changes of Ownership: The Whole House
  1851 for 6,250 Florins to Leonard Fritsche, soap-boiler
  1866 for 8,000 Florins to Johann Georg Friedrich Fritsche, soap-boiler
  January 8, 1900 for 34,000 Marks to August Seidel, soap-boiler
  March 19, 1900 bought by Johann Georg Fritsche for 34,000 Marks
  1902 acquired for 28,000 Marks by David Heimann, merchant and banker: yard goods dealer
  1909 to his sister Selma Rosenfelder, born Heimann for 18,000 Marks
  1910 Selma Rosenfelder and husband Nathan Rosenfelder, banker become joint owners
  1934 the Commerce and Agriculture Bank of Ansbach purchased it for 34,000 Reichsmark
  1982 Herbert and Renate Stingl acquired it, (remodeled it in 1990 and renovated the fassade) and opened a watch- and jewelry shop
  Today the house is in the possession of Ralph Troester, jeweler and Optician, the business is in the lower level