The family of Lehmeier Elias

Translated by Lesley Loy

Elias Lehmeier, born on 22.09.1844 in Heidenheim, was a livestock dealer in Gunzenhausen. He married Klara Oberndörfer, born in Hainsfarth on 21.03.1850. The family lived at Gartenstrasse 8 and then in Gerberstrasse 3 around 1913.

House Gartenstraße 8 today
The couple had five children, all born in Heidenheim.

• Louis Lehmeier *09.07.1872

• Max Lehmeier *09.02.1874

• Moritz Lehmeier *27.02.1880

• Adolf Lehmeier *03.08.1881

• Justin Lehmeier *29.10.1884

Louis Lehmeier © Gunzenhausen municipal archive

Louis Lehmeier, *09.07.1872 in Heidenheim, was a livestock dealer and lived in Gunzenhausen at Osianderstrasse 19, Bahnhofstrasse 11, Gartenstrasse 6 and finally at Mariusstrasse 13.

He and his wife Alwine, née Oppenheimer from Ernsbach, had three daughters.

• Selma *14.09.1900 +24.07.1932 in Gunzenhausen

• Gerda *29.04.1903 +11.08.1923 in Gunzenhausen

• Siddi *07.07.1905 in Gunzenhausen. She was married to Justin Hecht from Maroldsweisach.

Max Lehmeier ©Gunzenhausen municipal archive
On 19.12.1938 (after the Reichspogrom – Night of Broken Glass November 1938) Louis Lehrmeier moved to Munich together with his wife Alwine and his brother Max. Alwine died there on 16.02.1940. The two brothers were deported from Munich to Theresienstadt on 01.07.1942 / 10.07.1942 and then together to Treblinka on 19.09.1942 where they met their death. The date of their deaths is unknown. We received this information from Mrs Doris Barth from the “Geschichtswerkstatt” (history workshop) München-Pasing on 19th October 2008.

Max Lehmeier, *09.02.1874 in Heidenheim, was also a livestock dealer and lived at Gerberstrasse 9 in Gunzenhausen. As already mentioned, he was killed in the Treblinka camp together with his brother Louis.

Moritz Lehmeier, *27.02.1880 in Heidenheim, was a tradesman in Munich. He died in a clinic in Ansbach on 22.06.1913.

Adolf Lehmeier, *03.08.1881 in Heidenheim, was a livestock dealer and lived at Gerberstrasse 10 in Gunzenhausen. Adolf Lehmeier was the secretary for Gunzenhausen and the region of the Association of former members of the 13th royal infantry regiment. The association had been founded on 08.04.1906. He was awarded the Silver Medal of Bravery in November 1914 and the Iron Cross 2nd class in November 1917.

Adolf had two daughters with his wife Creszentia Kunz from Schwabmünchen:

• Klara *27.10.1920 in Gunzenhausen

• Erna *25.12.1924 in Gunzenhausen

He emigrated with his family to Montevideo (Uruquay) on 11.12.1933.

Justin Lehmeier, *29.10.1884 in Heidenheim. Nothing is known of him.

Source : Personal documentation of the Jewish inhabitants of Gunzenhausen compiled by the municipal archivist Werner Mühlhäußer.

These are other members of the Lehmeier family, whose first names are not known.

Here you can download the Lehmeier family tree here in pdf format.