The Samuel Lauchheimer Family

The merchant Samuel Lauchheimer born Jan.13, 1846 in Schopfloch was married to Sarah Jandorf, born 1850 in Hengstfeld. Samuel Lauchheimer was town councilor in Schopfloch. In 1870/71 as a participant in the German-French war he took part in the siege and invasion of Paris. In 1922 he moved to Gunzenhausen with his family and purchased the house Kirchenstrasse 11.

Bertha Lauchheimer born June 1, 1875 in Schopfloch

She married Hermann Hellmann of Gunzenhausen on June 16, 1902 in Schopfloch (Kirchenstrasse 13/15).

Moritz Lauchheimer born Dec. 29, 1890 in Schopfloch

Kirchenstrasse 11