files/vision/img/zitat.pngI reviewed with interest your website describing the Jewish community of Gunzenhausen ...
If you have any questions about Jewish life in Gunzenhausen, my mother will be glad to try and answer the question.
Stanley Hellmann from Baltimore, USA

files/vision/img/zitat.pngI am a great-grandson of Friederika (Rieka) Altmann and a proud descendant of Joseph and Rosa Rosenau. I was deeply moved to read about the history of my ancestors. I think this is a wonderful way for the kids in the school to learn about humanity and tolerance ... Following is some information about our branch of the family. Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I will ask my mother and uncles. I can also see if we have any pictures of Friederika and Isaak Altmann.
Yoav Etsion from Spain

files/vision/img/zitat.png... I happened to run across your website because of its school's historical project on Jewish life. Although my German is very rusty I think I understood enough to understand your goals and efforts on the project. As a Jew I want do congratulate the school and the town on a magnificent and touching effort that helps to close old wounds and to teach a common humanity ...
Dr. Anthony Harrys from Chesterfield, USA

Back to the Roots
In the Summer of 2023, Thirty Descendants of Jewish Families Visited the Homeland of their Ancestors

You can find the report about it here.

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