Family Salomon Hellmann

Translated by Lesley Loy
In the house at Weißenburgerstrasse 4 (left in the photo) Martin and Bella Hellmann’s business was located around 1900. Source “Old views of Gunzenhausen” (Gunzenhausen in alten Ansichten) by W. Lux

Salomon Hellmann, merchant and agent, was born on 31.10.1861 in Gunzenhausen, son of Marx Hellmann and Therese, née Steiner. In 1887 he acquired the right of citizenship and in the same year he married Maria Brandeis from Mühlhausen, born on 24.2.1863. The couple, Salomon Hellmann and Maria Hellman had 11 children.

Regina *20.07.1889 + 03.12.1890 in Gunzenhausen
Hedwig *12.01.1892 +19.08.1892 in Gunzenhausen
Bella *16.06.1893 in Gunzenhausen. She was a milliner and married to a Mr. Wolf. From 1926 to 1927 she lived at Bahnhofstrasse 15. Her business was at Weißenburger Straße 4. In 1940/41 she moved to Nürnberg, from there she was deported to Izbica. Missing without trace.
Martin *18.01.1895 in Gunzenhausen, was a textile merchant and lived at Bahnhofstraße 15. He was declared missing without trace in Riga.
Marta *16.08.1896 in Gunzenhausen was a housemaid. She left her registered address in Nürnberg, Theodorstraße 2, on 30.08.1938 and moved to Holland later. She was declared dead in the Sobibor concentration camp.
Hugo *02.08.1897 +21.08.1897 in Gunzenhausen
Rosa *25.11.1898 +31.12.1898 in Gunzenhausen
Emil *30.07.1900 +07.12.1900 in Gunzenhausen
Thekla *11.11.1901 +30.12.1901 in Gunzenhausen
Paula *20.06.1904 in Gunzenhausen, moved to Nürnberg, Burgschmiedstraße 12, in 1938. She was declared missing without trace in Riga.
Johann Adam Ludwig *16.07.1909 in Gunzenhausen
There are only two fotos of family members in the archive. These are Bella and Martin Hellmann.
Bahnhofstrasse 15 in the year 1908 © "Greetings from Gunzenhausen" by Werner Mühlhäußer
In the first house on the right side lived Martin Hellmann.

As of November 1926 he ran a haberdashers and wool shop in the house at Weißenburger Straße 4. In view of his work as secretary for the Socialist political organization Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold, he was taken into protective custody from 04.04 to 03.06 1933 and then on 28.11.1938 imprisioned in the Dachau concentration camp. In 1939 he was registered in Nürnberg, Burgschmiedstraße 12. Martin Hellman is considered missing in Riga.

Source: Stadtarchiv Gunzenhausen, Werner Mühlhäußer