The Family of Heinrich Hellmann

Translated by Lesley Loy

Heinrich Hellmann was born in Gunzenhausen on 26.09.1849, the son of Marx Hellmann and his wife Therese, née Steiner.  In 1877 he married Ida Dingfelder, born on 04.02.1852 in Ühlfeld.  The couple had 12 children:

Albert, *23.5.1878 in Gunzenhausen. 

He was living in South Africa around 1913 and emigrated to America prior to 1933.

Siegfried, *31.08.1879 in Gunzenhausen. 

In 1907 he married a cook, Katharina Winhard, born 23.11.1885 in Karlsdorf.  She was catholic.  He was a horse trader and lived in Mühldorf am Inn until 1939, when he emigrated to Rotterdam and lived with his sister Emma in Meppel/NL.  From there he was interned in Westerborg on 05.05.1942 and deported to Auschwitz on 16.07.1942, where he was murdered either on 02.09 or 30.09.1942.  His name is listed on the Jewish Monument in Meppel and his story can be read in detail in the documentation of the Jewish Monument Meppel/German Jewish Refugees.  This was kindly advised to us by email on 23.09.2008 by Brigitte Schmidt of the Munich municipal archives.

Rosa, *24.04.1881 in Gunzenhausen 

+07.09.1881 in Gunzenhausen

Frieda, *20.08.1882 in Gunzenhausen

She married Mr Reinolds, owner of a boarding house in Washington, sometime before 1916.

Lina, *25.02.1884 in Gunzenhausen

She married a Mr Klagges and lived in the Netherlands.

Emma, *01.05.1885 in Gunzenhausen

She was married to Leopold Böttigheimer, a merchant from Bamberg. Died 19.02.1943 in Auschwitz.

Max, *24.12.1886 in Gunzenhausen

He was a horse trader and in 1905 he planned to emigrate to Transvaal, however he was living in Gunzenhausen again as of 1912.  He married Recha Frank, died 09.04.1943 in Sobibor (source:  

Friedrich Martin, *16.08.1888 in Gunzenhausen 

He was a baker, living in Brussels, Belgium around 1916, later in France.  His wife was Irma Krämer, née Lux from Schnaittach.  He was deported to Auschwitz on 11.09.1942 on Transport number 31 and declared dead on 31.12.1945. (source:  This was kindly advised to us by email on 23.09.2008 by Brigitte Schmidt of the Munich municipal archives and by his son Alfred Hellmann, Washington/USA in 1998. 

Hermann, *26.11.1890 in Gunzenhausen

He was a merchant, murdered in Kaunas 1941.

Julius, *19.03.1893 in Gunzenhausen

He was drowned on 17.05.1898.

Betty, *03.05.1894 in Gunzenhausen

She had a son named Heinz Hellmann *02.09.1934 in Munich.  Both were registered in Munich on 28.11.1938 and both were murdered in Kaunas (Litauen) on 30.11.1941.

Sigmund, *24.07.1898 in Gunzenhausen

He was a merchant, died in Auschwitz on 05.12.1943.

Ida Hellmann, geb. Dingfelder © Stadtarchiv München

The father Heinrich Hellmann died on 22.06.1933 in Gunzenhausen.  Mother Ida moved to Munich on 28.11.1938 together with daughter Betty and her 4-year old grandson Heinz.

She was deported from Munich to Theresienstadt on 06.06.1942 with Transport II/3.  She died there on 13.12.1942.





Hermann Hellmann © Biographisches Gedenkbuch der Münchner Juden 1933 - 1945

On 20.11.1941 son Hermann, daughter Betty and her 7-year old son Heinz were deported from Munich to Kowno/Kaunas and were shot there some days later.

In Gunzenhausen this family suffered from the greatest number of victims during the Third Reich : the mother, seven children and one grandchild.

(Source: Biographical memorial book of Munich Jews 1933-1945.  Elaborated by Andrea Heusler, Brigitte Schmidt and others, Munich 2003, P 556 f.)

Thanks to the kind email of 23.09.2008 of Brigitte Schmidt, Munich municipal archive).