Hafnermarkt 10

Hafnermarkt 10
Hafnermarkt 10
Year of construction 1704
By Johann Wolfgang Braun
Change of Ownership : 1704 new build for Johann Wolfgang Braun, Cobbler
  1750 Johann Christoph Braun, baker and flour trader from Neuenmuhr
  1.4.1762 Johann Adam Muck, flour trader
  1796 Johann Georg Chur, spirits distiller fro approx. 624 florins
  After his death the house passed to his widow Johanna Regina
  20.1.1801 David Joseph Jud for 600 florins
  16.2.1801 Johann Georg Eger, laborer, for around 750 florins
  29.10.1814 acquired by the church foundation Windsfeld for 350 florins

19.07.1816 Joseph Samuel Seeberger, merchant, for 400 florins

  04.03.1823 Johann Andreas Krug, hatter, for 475 florins
  04.04.1829 acquired for 630 florins by Johann Michael Krug, hatter, married to Johanna Barbara Ebert
  1832 half the house to Jakob Rhau, merchant
  December 1839 the other half of the house to Gelcha Rhau for 741 florins
  15.06.1860 Jakob Schoen, merchant for 1100 florins

26.08.1872 acquired by his daughter Jette, married to Heymann Eisen, merchant, for 1125 florins

  09.02.1882 acquired by Christian and Adelgunde Krauss, nee Decker, for 3250 M
  30.03.1887 passed to the widow and three children
  24.10.1904 Joseph Büller, carpenter, for 3250 M
  1950 to his widow Karoline
  1954 Wilhelm Riedel, printshop owner. 1954 demolition