Gerberstrasse 10

Gerberstrasse around 1885
Gerberstrasse around 1885, the house on the left is number 10 From “Old Views of Gunzenhausen” by W. Lux
Year of Construction: about 1713
Built by: Georg Friedrich Gerlach, shoemaker
Change of Ownership: 1757 Johann Andreas Beuntner
  1770 Johann Martin Hensolt
  1848 Johann Leonhard Hensolt
  1865 Joseph Hesselberger, trader from Dittenheim
  1871 David und Max Hesselberger
  1886 Eduard Österreicher
  1889 Carl Krauß
  1889 Carl Krauß jun.
  1940 Gottlieb Krauß
  1967 Eginhard Feucht
  1983 Demolition
  The newly built Raiffeisenbank now stands there

Source: Gunzenhausen municipal property register

Although the house was never in Jewish ownership, many Jewish families lived at Gerberstrasse 10, among them Adolf Lehmeier. The Lehmann family’s business was based there too.