Heinrich Frank Family

Heinrich Frank was born 23. November 1851 in Demmelsdorf. He was the son of the teacher Hermann Frank and his wife Marianne born Brandt. He was a merchant , and he became a citizen of the city of Gunzenhausen on 29. December 1877. On 19. November 1884 he registered his cheese wholesale business. That was later taken over by his nephew Heinrich Neumann. There are no descendants. Wilhelm Frank, Heinrich’s brother, lived at Nuernberger Strasse 5. There were 6 more siblings, among them Maria Anna. From the time she was 8 years old she was in service to the Rabbi of Schwabach. After that she spent 9 years with the Jewish widow Sarla, who was a lacemaker in Bamberg. Then she spent ½ year with the widow Dachauer. In 1922 she wrote a letter to the magistrate to ask to be allowed to discontinue working as a servant because of ill health (weak body). She asked permission to mend laces and table linens to support herself instead.