The Family of Leopold Eichbaum

Leopold Eichbaum was the second of four children born to Mendel Eichbaum and his wife Janette, née Heymann.  He was born on 05.04.1846 in Gunzenhausen.  The family was living at the time at Waagstrasse 6.

The house at Waagstrassse 6 today
The house at Waagstrassse 6 today

Leopold became a merchant and married Rosa Hecht from Bamberg. In 1878, together with his brother Moritz Eichbaum, the young couple bought the house at Dr.-Martin-Luther-Platz 2 .
It was probably there that they ran their hop trading business. The parents lived in the house at Waagstrasse 6 until 1872.
The couple had six children

Max Eichbaum *19.08.1876 in Gunzenhausen
+ 04.07.1882 in Gunzenhausen
Bernhard Eichbaum *10.10.1878 in Gunzenhausen
+20.07.1882 in Gunzenhausen

Zion Eichbaum
Zion Eichbaum

*10.10.1883 in Gunzenhausen
+ 16.11.1938 (suicide) in Nürnberg
He was living in Nürnberg at Fürther Strasse 4. He committed suicide shortly after "Reichskristallnacht", probably in desperation due to his situation as a Jew.
David Eichbaum *23.09.1883 in Gunzenhausen
+20.05.1888 in Gunzenhausen
Adele Eichbaum +25.05.1887 in Gunzenhausen She married Theodor Lebrecht, a merchant from Gaustadt near Bamberg on 31.05.1909. In 1939 she was living as a widow in Nürnberg, Fürther Strasse 4 a. There is a comment on her identity card, issued in Nürnberg, that she emigrated to New York on 11.08.1941.

Friedrich Eichbaum and his wife Erna
Friedrich Eichbaum
Erna Eichbaum

*16.12.1888 in Gunzenhausen
declared dead 08.05.1945
Friedrich moved to Nürnberg before 1914. He fought in the First World War and already in November 1914 he was awarded the Military Service Medal 2nd class with crown and sabres. He returned to Nürnberg after the war. He was registered there in 1939 at Rudolfstrasse 29 and in 1942 at Findelwiesenstrasse 26. On 24.03.1942 he was deported from Nürnberg to Izbica where he disappeared. He was married to Erna, née Neumann from Coburg.

Leopold Eichbaum died in 1893 aged only 46. His widow then sold her share of the house to her brother-in-law Moritz Eichbaum.

It seems that the Eichbaum family then left Gunzenhausen, as Rosa Eichbaum is no longer mentioned in the address register of 1906. Perhaps she went to join her children in Nürnberg.

Of Leopold Eichbaum's six children only the daughter Adele survived the Third Reich, although three died already in infancy.