Gunzenhausen City Archives

Despite the Gunzenhausen City Archives have historic documents from the year 1401 on, there are not too many documents about the Jewish Community. We had to make allowance to the fact that from the Late Middle Ages on Jews had important economic and cultural positions in Gunzenhausen.

For that reason Werner Mühlhäußer, the Gunzenhausen City Archivist , worked amongst others intensively on the research at the Nuernberg State Archives and the Archives of the Established Regional Church since the middle of the 1990's.

Over the years the documentation "Jews in Gunzenhausen" was developed. It contains many documentations about persons and many biographies of Jewish inhabitants (from the 15th century up to 1939) as well as documents with informations about synagogues, cemeteries and a chronological part with the focus on the National Socialist time.

The documentation "Jews in Gunzenhausen" and the complementary "Book of Houses", containing the history of about 300 houses in Gunzenhausen and the results of the historical research of the Gunzenhausen City Archives were the basis for Stephani-Schule students and their project.

Werner Mühlhäußer