Bühringerstraße 20

Bühringerstrasse 20
Bühringerstrasse 20

Translation by Lesley Loy

Built by August Handschuh
Year of Construction 1897
Change of ownership: On 01.01.1911 Julius Reinhardt registered a business there
  1910 Hans Brunner, teacher, purchased the house
  1930 inherited by his widow Babette Brunner from Nürnberg
  1930 purchased by Sigmund Wertheimer, wholesaler in lining material
  Also in 1930 sold to Ludwig Däubler, mechanic, und used as a Fiat representation and car repair workshop
  1937-1975 Notary office
  1950 the notary Dr Georg Scherm bought the house
Present owner is the Fucker family. The architect's office of Hartwig Werner is on the ground floor.