Bühringer Straße 1

Bühringer Straße 1
Year of Construction around 1885

Bernhard and Salomon Mohr

Change of Ownership

1885/1893 to the married couple Bernhard Blumenthal and Theresia Mohr


25.11.1898 Matthias Eiden, former innkeeper of the tavern "Zum Goldenen Stern" in Gunzenhausen purchased the house for 27.000 M. He had acquired the inkeeper's permit in November 1898 and in February 1899 he opened the tavern "Zum Roten Roß" in the house, together with a butcher's shop.


The married couple Friedrich Buchholzer and Margarethe Schmidt acquired the house on 01.05.1908.


In 1910 master mechanic Georg Beyer installed the first cinema on the first floor of the house (the Wittelsbach Picture Palace)


After a long interval, the cinema was modernized in March 1913


Georg Beyer sold the house on 07.11.1913 to Karl Zaun. The latter opened a cigar shop at his property Bühringerstrasse 12 in December 1913.


Karl Zaun sold the house to Eduard Brunnacker (brewery owner) from Döckingen on 30.04.1928


Georg Knöller took over the business in 1929. In September 1945 until February 1949 it was confiscated by the American military authorities and used as a so-called "Letten-Lager" (Latvian storage). The butcher's shop and tavern were leased by Friedrich Gebert in 1955 and the shop was renovated in 1956.


In 1958 the house passed to his widow Babette


In 1962/64 Hans Ehmann extended the property with a shop and residential house.


In 1966/67 Walter Heide and Edeltrud FÄrankmann opened a shop for bandages, orthopedic and medical products.


In 1981 it became a hosiery shop with Valentine Rödel

Bühringer Straße 1
Historic photo of the house at Bühringerstrasse 1. "Gunzenhausen as it was and is now", 1990, published by the town of Gunzenhausen