The Family of David Blumenstein

Translation by Lesley Loy

David Blumenstein, a leather trader, was born in Gunzenhausen on 22.06.1838.  His parents were Enslein Blumenstein and Getti Bernheimer.

David Blumenstein’s first wife was Mina Hellmann, born 1847 in Burghaslach. The couple lived in Nürnberger Straße 4 and bought in 1869 the first halve of the house in Dr.-Martin-Luther-Platz 5.

Mina Blumenstein died in her early thirties in 1879.

The couple had six children, only three of which reached adulthood,       

Ernst Blumenstein *18.10.1868 + 14.08.1893 in Gunzenhausen
Karl Blumenstein *20.11.1869 in Gunzenhausen 
Klara Blumenstein *11.03.1872 in Gunzenhausen, lived in Spitalstraße 11,  29.11.1938 moved to Stuttgart
Auguste Blumenstein *29.08.1875 +07.06.1876 in Gunzenhausen
Rosa Blumenstein  *02.05.1877  +28.11.1877 in Gunzenhausen
Lina Blumenstein   *10.11.1879  +24.03.1880 in Gunzenhausen

David Blumenstein married again, his second wife was Getta Schönberger, born on 19.02.1850 in Ermsreuth. The couple had three children, only one daughter survived.

          Laura Blumenstein *17.09.1883

When she was twenty years old she married the merchant Nathan Weil from Oehringen.

The only children to be registered in Gunzenhausen were from the first marriage of Karl Blumenstein.  He was a lawyer and judicial councilor in Munich.  He had two children with his wife Ida :

Ernst Joseph Blumenstein: he emigrated to Israel in 1939 and was later a university lecturer in Hebrew literature
Hannah Blumenstein: she moved to Holland in 1939 and then on to Israel.  She married in Cairo and had two sons: Roy and Marc Eady.

The parents, Karl and Ida Blumenstein, left for Great Britain on 20.08.1939.  Karl died there in January 1943. His widow, Ida, probably moved to Israel to join her son Ernst Joseph, as she died there in 1954.

The patriarch, David Blumenstein, died in Gunzenhausen in 1901.  His widow, Getti, continued living for a few  years in the house she inherited and then sold it to Walburga Späth in 1912.  It is possible that she moved to Oehringen to join her daughter Laura.