Bahnhofstrasse 16

Photo: House Bahnhofstrasse 16 today
Photo: House Bahnhofstrasse 16 today
  Source: Property register of the city of Gunzenhausen
Year built:: Unknown
Builder: Gabriel Theilheimer, merchant
Changes of Ownership: Around 1906 bought byJohann Georg Kaußler, Moving agent
  1. April1942 Luise Viehbeck, born Kaussler, married to Richard Viehbeck
  Around 1974 Luise Koschick, widowed Viehbeck, born Kaussler, to Richard Viehbeck

When the Theilheimer family left the house in 1906 the Kaussler family bought it. Their neighbor Jakob Rosenfelder of Bahnhofstraße 12 was found hanged in their barn on 24. March 1934, the night of the Pogrom.

The newest findings of the Nuremberg Institute for NS-Research and Jewish History of the 20th Century think it was murder.